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A unique support system that seamlessly improves hand function.

Nuada is a revolutionary hand function improving system, safe, light and small that was designed to be affordable and non-intrusive. Our solution uses thin, breathable, flexible and smart textiles that people can customize. It’s a unique enhancement technology that aims to be an everyday essential wearable that people even forget they are wearing.

Nuada’s solution relies mostly on energy efficient and lightweight components, created to deal with heavy weight support while maintaining touch sensitivity and a non-intrusive relation with the users’ body. With an ergonomic and small design and with an extended life battery, Nuada can be used in everyday life with comfort and discretion. Nuada looks like a simple glove, but if you look closer, it has special built-in tendons that support the hand when required. This is possible by connecting the artificial tendons to a patented, specially designed system that is worn on the users’ wrist.

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Founder and CEO at Nuada.