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Spring Loaded Technology

Company focused on mobility-restoring bionics.

Spring Loaded Technology is changing the way the world moves. We're a company that thrives at the interface of research and development to build and deliver breakthrough technologies that can change and improve lives. Our flagship product, LevitationTM is the world’s first compact and powerful bionic knee brace capable of enhancing the power 

output of the leg muscles. For athletes, our braces offer reduced fatigue, heightened endurance, and increased performance. For individuals with a knee injury or mobility impairment, our braces function to restore mobility, reduce joint compression, and reduce pain. Whether it’s new heights of athletic performance or a return to the lifestyle you are accustomed to, Spring Loaded Technology is building a brace for you.

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Details last updated 20-Jan-2021

People at Spring Loaded Technology

Chris Cowper-Smith

President and CEO at Spring Loaded Technology.

Spring Loaded Technology News

Consumer passive bionic device on its way

ZDNet - 11-Feb-2016

Spring Loaded Technology has launched an Indiegogo campaign. Passive bionic braces reduce strain...

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