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Walking 7000 steps a day is a new target to cut your risk of early death


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When it comes to walking, the most obvious figure many of us think of is 10,000 – long idealized as the daily target to improve our health.

Many studies have shown that taking more steps on a daily basis is linked to less risk of early death.

In the latest study of over 2,000 middle-aged Black and White men and women wore accelerometers during waking hours.

Found that individuals taking at least 7,000 steps per day had an approximately 50-70% lower risk of early death.

Step intensity (measuring the quickness of steps taken) had no effect on mortality.

After a certain point, extra steps appear to have no beneficial effect, at least on that specific outcome.

"Steps per day is a simple, easy-to-monitor metric and getting more steps may be a good way to promote health," Amanda Paluch, lead author.

"In the near future we can hear a lot more about how daily steps impact our health," - Nicole Spartano, physical activity researcher.

Study by the University of Massachusetts published in JAMA Network Open.

New study on the middle aged finds 10,000 daily steps have no extra benefit on health than 7000 steps

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Physical activity epidemiology, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at University of Massachusetts


Medical journal dedicated to biomedical sciences.


Research Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine.