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The Observer interviews Morgan Levine about ageing and her move to Altos Labs


Key points from article :

It can be said we have two ages: a fixed chronological age and a malleable biological age.

In Morgan Levine's new book, True Age, she argues that we should regularly measure our own biological age.

It is not chronological time that drives the development of disease, but rather the biological changes.

But the clock can be made to tick slower, or even possibly go backwards, in response to our behaviours.

Method of estimating biological age combines nine blood measures and the calculator to do it is free online.

She helped develop “Index”, a $499 epigenetic age test which uses a saliva sample and is offered by Elysium Health.

Biological age is less worrisome than a genetic test, where these are the cards you’re dealt at birth.

Only 10-30% of our lifespan is estimated to be due to genetics, largely be down to our behaviours.

Probably less health risks with moderate caloric restriction versus what is more common, which is overeating.

When it comes to lifespan, you cannot blame 100% on genetics, just 10-30%

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Biotechnology company focused on cellular rejuvenation programming


A company focused on research and development based on new scientific findings


Founding Principal Investigator at Altos labs, Authored True Age book


The book about determining and decreasing your true biological age written by Morgan Levine