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Scientists uncover the secret behind cancer cell's immortality


Key points from article :

Gene regulator called the TERT promoter enables cancer cells to live forever and keep dividing.

TERT promoter is the third most common mutation among all human cancers.

Also the most common mutation in glioblastoma - a deadly brain cancer type.

Removing a protein subunit called GABP-ß1L that activates TERT slows down cancer cell division.

Plus side is that it has no effect on normal cells.

ß1L subunit is a promising new drug target for cancers with TERT promoter mutations.

A collaborative research published in the journal Cancer Cell.

Doesn't seem to harm normal cells unlike telomerase blocking drugs that are too toxic

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Field Application Scientist at MaxCyte specializing in Cell and Gene Therapy


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Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at UC Berkeley


Professor, Neurological Surgery at UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences


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Co-founder and CEO of Telo Therapeutics


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