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Science predicts that theoretically we can live up to 150 years

Is it time to find ways to make it our average life expectancy?


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Oldest person in history, Jeanne Calment (born in 1875) – lived to 122.

But just how long could a human actually live?

Gompertz equation: The oldest and most widely used method for calculating life expectancy.

It is even used to calculate health insurance premiums.

Researchers in Singapore, Russia, and the US have taken a different approach using computer model.

Ageing can be defined as the loss of ability to maintain homeostasis/resilience.

Researchers took blood samples from over 70,000 participants aged up to 85.

Dynamic organisms state indicator (Dosi) calculations predicted that for everyone, resilience failed completely at 150.

Limit for maximum life span is about 25% longer than Jeanne Calment lived.

To beat Jeanne Calment we might need: good genes, an excellent diet and exercise plan, treatments to increase life span.

Research by Gero PTE, published in Nature communications.

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AI-powered platform for drug discovery and drug repurposing for age-related diseases.

Nature Communications

Journal covering all topics in physics, chemistry, and biology.

Peter Fedichev

Founder of Gero and physicist in drug discovery land

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