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Pre-mature deaths in adults may be prevented, shown by HLI's largest study

Made possible by early detection of disease and disease risks through whole genome sequencing


Key points from article :

Clinicians identified adults at risk for key health conditions.

Assessment yielded highly actionable findings, most of which were not previously known.

Vital in early identification of disease and disease risk that avoid pre-mature deaths.

Done by integrating whole-genome sequencing with advanced imaging and blood metabolites.

Study used multi-modal precision health platform, the Health Nucleus™ by HLI.

~1 in 6 adult individuals (17.3%) had at least one pathogenic genetic variant.

~1 in 9 (11.9%) had genotype and phenotype associations.

These findings support clinical diagnosis of a genetic disorder.

Research by Human Longevity Inc., published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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C. Thomas Caskey

Chief Medical Officer, Human Longevity Inc.

David Stanley Karow

President and Chief Innovation Officer at HLI

Health Nucleus

Human Longevity's premier health intelligence platform

Human Longevity

Health Intelligence Company

J. Craig Venter

Founder, Chairman and CEO at J. Craig Venter Institute and Author

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)

Multidisciplinary scientific journal, official journal of the National Academy of Sciences

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