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Health Nucleus

Human Longevity's premier health intelligence platform

Health Nucleus is Human Longevity's premier health intelligence platform utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide an assessment of current and future risk for cardiac, oncologic, metabolic, and cognitive diseases and conditions. This is provided through a proprietary, multi-modal approach, integrating data from an individual's whole-genome sequencing, brain and body MRI imaging, cardiac CT calcium scan, metabolomics, advanced blood test, and more. The health assessment is conducted at Human Longevity's Health Nucleus precision medicine center in La Jolla, California. For more information, visit

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Details last updated 05-Feb-2020

Health Nucleus News

Pre-mature deaths in adults may be prevented, shown by HLI's largest study

EurekAlert! - 27-Jan-2020

Made possible by early detection of disease and disease risks through whole genome sequencing

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