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No safe alcohol consumption for stroke risk

Drinking small amounts of alcohol looking less likely to be good for health


Key points from article :

UK and Chinese researchers followed 500,000 Chinese people for 10 years.

Drinking 1-2 alcoholic drinks every day increased stroke risk by 10-15%.

Drinking 4 drinks every day increased the risk of having a stroke by 35%.

Risk of stroke increases proportionally with the amount of alcohol consumed.

About 1 in 5 people in the UK will have a stroke in their lifetime.

Effect on heart attack risk were not clear cut.

Researcher by the University of Oxford, Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

The study was published in The Lancet.

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Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS)

Research institute in Beijing, China.

Iona Millwood

Senior Epidemiologist and University research lecturer at University of Oxford.

Peking University

Major research university in Beijing, China, and a member of the elite C9 League of Chinese Universities

The Lancet

Medical journal covering general medicine

University of Oxford

Collegiate research university and one of the world's leading universities

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