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Lettuce grown in space vs one from Earth: very similar nutrient levels


Key points from article :

3 batches of lettuce grown on International Space Station (ISS) from 2014-2016, analysed.

Relative humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature controlled- same in Earth.

There were more microorganisms on ISS lettuce than on those that were grown on Earth.

Levels of nutrients between both types of lettuce was very similar.

Red romaine lettuce was used for the experiment because its seeds germinate reliably.

Kale,cabbage, among other seeds sent to ISS to be grown.

Lack of sunlight, different gravity and radiation levels in space, some of the challenges.

Research by NASA's Kennedy Space Center scientists, published in Frontiers.

Research suggests astronauts could soon produce their own food in space

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Astrobiologist, University of Bremen, PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology


Plant scientist, NASA


NASA Space station / Laboratory


National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Public University, Bremen, Germany