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International Space Station (ISS)

NASA Space station / Laboratory

The International Space Station is a space station in low Earth orbit. The ISS programme is a joint project between five participating space agencies: NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ESA, and CSA. The ownership and use of the space station is established by intergovernmental treaties and agreements.

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International Space Station (ISS) News

Growing new organs from stem cells out in the space

Independent - 10-Mar-2020

Gravity on earth spatially restricts growth of stem cells into actual 3D organs


Lettuce grown in space vs one from Earth: very similar nutrient levels

New Scientist - 06-Mar-2020

Research suggests astronauts could soon produce their own food in space


Metabolism and mitochondria gene function impacted by spaceflight

New Scientist - 07-Nov-2019

Most changes reversed when back on Earth - but what about Mars microgravity?


Human cartilage tissue 3D bioprinted on ISS

Med-Tech News - 10-Jan-2019

One small step for man, one bioprinted leg for mankind?!