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New Scientist

Science and technology magazine

New Scientist is the world’s most popular weekly science and technology publication. Our website, app and print editions cover international news from a scientific standpoint, and ask the big-picture questions about life, the universe and what it means to be human. If someone in the world has a good idea, you will read about it in New Scientist.

Since the magazine was founded in 1956 for “all those interested in scientific discovery and its social consequences”, it has expanded to include newsletters, videos, podcasts, courses and live events in the UK, US and Australia, including New Scientist Live, the world’s greatest festival of science. New Scientist is based in London, UK, with offices in the US and Australia.

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New Scientist Blog Posts

Doomsday virus - it could happen to us in the blink of an eye

Doomsday virus - it could happen to us in the blink of an eye

Devastation of saiga antelope population is a good reminder of how quickly society could be wiped out

Perfect storm for gene therapy?

Perfect storm for gene therapy?

Genome editing combined with stem cell generation could produce life extending therapies when boosted with big data

Heart muscle aging reversed (in mice)

Heart muscle aging reversed (in mice)

Using the blood of younger mice to reverse the signs of aging in older mice

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Freelance science journalist, editor at New Scientist and Nature

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Medical reporter at New Scientist

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Freelance reporter specialising in biomedical and social issues

New Scientist News

Self-adaptable electronic eyewear made driving easy and safe

Cambridge News - 29-Sep-2016

Balance light levels while driving & tech might benefit other sectors too