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Eye-opening facts about human skin ageing

Therapeutic strategies to combat human skin diseases at single-cell level


Key points from article :

Scientists established the first single-cell transcriptomic atlas of human skin aging.

Obtained eyelid skin samples from a group of healthy female donors of different ages.

Morphological analysis revealed epidermal thickness, dermal collagen density were decreased during aging.

Skin of elderly individuals exhibited increased inflammation and decreased epithelial maintenance ability.

Suggesting chronic inflammation and photodamage may be important triggers of ocular skin aging.

Inactivation of growth-controlling transcription factors HES1 in human dermal fibroblasts or KLF6 in human keratinocytes led to cellular senescence.

Activation of HES1 may exert protective effects on the skin.

Natural compound quercetin attenuated the senescence of dermal fibroblasts.

This study facilitates the development of novel therapeutic strategies combating aging-related skin diseases.

Research by Chinese Academy of Sciences published in Developmental Cell.

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Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

National scientific institution for natural sciences and high technology development.

Developmental Cell

Scientific journal providing information on cell and developmental biology.

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