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Developmental Cell

Scientific journal providing information on cell and developmental biology.

Developmental Cell, launched in 2001, is a broad-interest journal covering the areas of cell biology and developmental biology. In addition to publishing work spanning all areas of cell biology and developmental biology, we have particular interest in how these fields interface with each other and with other disciplines in biology. The journal aims to showcase work that examines, through a cell biological lens, the fundamentals of how a cell works, how cells interact with one another and with the environment, how cells come together to form a tissue, organ, and ultimately a whole organism, and what happens when any of these processes go awry.  

Our PhD-trained scientific editors work with authors, reviewers, and editorial board members to publish 24 issues each year, filled with exciting research describing results of unusual significance. We also publish review and perspective articles tailored to the journal’s broad readership. With this wide coverage, Developmental Cell is a unique cross-disciplinary resource for researchers in cell biology and developmental biology and for the general scientific community.

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Developmental Cell News

Scientists find dormant regenerative abilities of the inner ear in mice

SciTechDaily - 30-Jul-2021

Advanced gene therapies can reactivate hair cells, which are vital for hearing


Eye-opening facts about human skin ageing

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) - 25-Nov-2020

Therapeutic strategies to combat human skin diseases at single-cell level


Cell biology hacked to create complex shapes that form living tissue

Kurzweil Network - 05-Jan-2018

3D cell-patterning shapes active mouse and human embryonic cells into thin layers of extracellula...


Engineers Hack Cell Biology to Create 3-D Shapes from Living Tissue

UCSF - 28-Dec-2017

Many of the complex folded shapes of mammalian body plans can be recreated with simple instructio...