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Exercise paired with intermittent fasting is the best way for fat loss


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Matthew Lees and Eric Williamson spoke about the benefits of intermittent fasting with exercise.

Intermittent fasting means going without food for at least 12 hours.

By putting into a caloric deficit, it leads to weight loss overtime.

Intermittent fasting with exercise can be an effective tool for losing fat.

Fasting without exercising can lose weight, but much of it often comes from the muscle in the lean mass.

Exercise – in particular resistance training - helps losing fat mass, so that’s a large benefit.

Best time to fast is later in the day. In a metabolic perspective, you’re better off skipping evening snack or dinner.

If somebody was looking to gain muscle & strength, they must avoid intermittent fasting.

Athletes have very high energy needs; intermittant fasting limits their opportunities to gain that energy.

It is not ideal for an older person, as it's counterintuitive towards what's best for muscle in an aging population.

Speak to a professional before attempting to lose weight.

Experts share the science, benefits, best timings, and other tips of intermittent fasting

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Eric Williamson

Dietitian and currently a PhD student at University of Toronto

Matthew Lees

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Toronto

University of Toronto

Public research university located in Toronto