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British diet can fuel heart disease risk in midlife adults


Key points from article :

White bread, butter and fruit juice, could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Specific foods and beverages, rather than the nutrients within them, linked to risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality.

Data on 116,806 adults in England, Scotland and Wales tracked for up to 15 years.

Two specific types of diet increase the risk of death for middle-aged adults.

One was high in chocolate, confectionary, butter and white bread but low in fresh fruit and vegetables.

The other was high in fizzy drinks, fruit juice, chocolate, confectionary, table sugar and preserves but low in butter and high-fat cheese.

“Eating foods that contain less sugar and fewer calories may be associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease,” - Carmen Piernas, corresponding author.

Findings to help people eat more healthily and reduce their risk of mortality.

The research could not prove a causal relationship between diet, cardiovascular disease and mortality.

Study by Oxford University published in BMC Medicine.

Limit traditional British diet like white bread, fruit juice, and sugar to avoid the risk of heart disease & death

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