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Brain ageing reversed by Israeli doctor through an oxygen chamber


Key points from article :

Sharper brains achieved after sessions in a special oxygen chamber.

Israeli doctor says he has figured out how to “reverse” brain ageing.

63 people aged 65-plus recruited, taken MRI scans, and tested their cognitive abilities.

60-day course of treatment given, with 2-hours in pressurized chamber 5 times a week.

Significant difference in MRI results were seen with those who received therapy.

Scans showed improved tissue function in the brain, in areas associated with cognitive decline.

As well as significant change in cognitive function.

Improvements also found in tests held six months later.

The therapy protocol “fools” the body into a state of hypoxia without it being hazardous.

“This is an interesting study with some preliminary promising outcomes."

Researchers from Tel Aviv University, published in Aging.

Don't try this at home! Too much oxygen (hyperoxia) is definitely bad for you

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Shai Efrati

Shai Efrati is an Israeli physician, an associate professor at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Sagol School of Neuroscience

Tel Aviv University

Public Research university.