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Added sugar and fruit juice increases risk of cardiovascular disease


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Higher intake of free sugars  is associated with a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Free sugars mostly include added sugars and those naturally present in honey and fruit juice.

Current WHO recommendations largely based on limited evidence of reduction in risk of tooth decay.

Data analysed from 110,497 individuals who completed at least two dietary assessments as participants in the UK Biobank study.

Average follow up of 9.4 years.

For every 5% higher energy intake from free sugars, risk of developing cardiovascular disease was 7% higher.

"Replacing free sugars with non-free sugars, such as those naturally occurring in whole fruits and vegetables, ... may help protect against cardiovascular disease" - explained Rebecca Kelly, lead author.

Research by Oxford Population Health published in BMC Medicine.

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BMC Medicine

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Oxford Population Health

One of the largest medical science division in the University of Oxford

Rebecca Kelly

DPhil Candidate in Population Health at the University of Oxford

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Added sugar and fruit juice increases risk of cardiovascular disease