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Oxford Population Health

One of the largest medical science division in the University of Oxford

NDPH is a medical science division of the University of Oxford, created in July 2013 to undertake research and train scientists to seek answers to some of the most important questions about the causes, prevention and treatment of disease.

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See also: Academia University of Oxford - Collegiate research university and one of the world's leading universities

People at Oxford Population Health

Stefan van Duijvenboden

Researcher at Oxford Population Health and the Big Data Institute

Qi Feng

Epidemiologist in the University of Oxford's Nuffield Department of Population Health

Lauren Bandy

Early Career Research Fellow at Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford

Peter Scarborough

Associate Professor in the Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford

Keren Papier

Nutritional Epidemiologist at Nuffield Department of Population Health

Oxford Population Health News

Exercise-triggered irregular heartbeats may predict future heart issues

Oxford Population Health - 13-Dec-2023

Early detection of irregular heartbeats during exercise could be key to preventing heart problems


Even small amounts of alcohol consumption raises death risk in China

Oxford Population Health - 21-Nov-2023

Safe level of alcohol is none, as moderate drinking also increases risk of death from disease & cancer


Genetic profiling conducted by the mexico city prospective study highlights the value of genetic studies in diverse populations

Oxford Population Health - 11-Oct-2023

Study reveals new insights into obesity, diabetes, and genetic diversity


Managing metabolic syndrome could help protect against dementia

Oxford Population Health - 07-Sep-2023

Metabolic syndrome increased the risk of developing dementia by 12%


Smoking increases the risk of 22 causes of death and 56 diseases in Chinese adults

Oxford Population Health - 22-Jul-2023

Immediate action needed to avoid health and economic burden of premature deaths and disease morbidity


Study links alcohol consumption to over 60 diseases, many previously unassociated

Oxford Population Health - 08-Jun-2023

Daily drinking, binge drinking, and drinking outside of mealtimes significantly increased the risk


Short Sleep Duration May Have Minimal Impact on Dementia Risk

Oxford Population Health - 21-Apr-2023

Dr. Angel Wong, lead author, concludes that any increase in dementia risk due to shorter sleep duration is likely very small


Added sugar and fruit juice increases risk of cardiovascular disease

Nuffield Department of Population Health - 15-Feb-2023

<p>Higher intake of free sugars&nbsp; is associated with a higher risk of developing cardiovascul...


Microbes in your gut may affect your mental health

Oxford Population Health - 06-Dec-2022

Gut bacteria indirectly produce hormones that influence the brain and can cause depression


Screening for DPYD variants can enable personalised chemotherapy treatment

Nuffield Department of Population Health - 27-Apr-2022

Chemotherapy treats patients but the lethal effect could be gotten down by preliminary testing


Despite nutrient reformulation targets, most companies sell unhealthy foods

Nuffield Department of Population Health - 04-Aug-2021

Food firms in UK failed to meet targets for reducing calories, sugar and salt in their products


Sugary drinks tax will help reduce overweight and obesity

Nuffield Department of Population Health - 10-Apr-2021

UK's soft drinks levy encourages both manufacturers and consumers for low sugar alternatives