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Academy for Health and Lifespan Research Q&A with Harvard's David Sinclair


Key points from article :

Academy will improve collaboration and communication of ageing and longevity research.

Leading scientific journals now regularly feature breakthroughs in our understanding of the ageing process.

FDA is willing to consider a change that defines ageing as a disease.

Smoking increases the risk of cancer fivefold - ageing increases it 1,000-fold.

Able to give animals 20 percent longer youth, not just 20 percent longer life.

Yet-to-be published research on reprogramming cells in vivo cause tissues to rejuvenate.

Technology could be tested in the clinic in the next two years.

Rejuvenation human trials (cell reprogramming) possible in next 2 years

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Harvard professor on ageing and co-founder of several biotechnology companies


Private land-grant research university