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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Private land-grant research university

The MIT community is driven by a shared purpose: to make a better world through education, research, and innovation. We are fun and quirky, elite but not elitist, inventive and artistic, obsessed with numbers, and welcoming to talented people regardless of where they come from.

Founded to accelerate the nation’s industrial revolution, MIT is profoundly American. With ingenuity and drive, our graduates have invented fundamental technologies, launched new industries, and created millions of American jobs. At the same time, and without the slightest sense of contradiction, MIT is profoundly global. Our community gains tremendous strength as a magnet for talent from around the world. Through teaching, research, and innovation, MIT’s exceptional community pursues its mission of service to the nation and the world.

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Glympse Bio

Biotech manufacturing advanced nanoparticle sensors to monitor diseases

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Creations


A system for realtime, wearable, hand movement and gesture sensoring

People at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Giovanni Traverso

Physician-Scientist, assistant professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Max Tegmark

Professor of Physics at MIT, cosmologist and machine learning researcher

Paula Hammond

Koch Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Xuanhe Zhao

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT

Joseph DelPreto

Postdoctoral researcher working in the field of robotics at MIT

Daniela Rus

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT

Sangeeta Bhatia

Biomedical researcher and John J. and Dorothy Wilson Professor at MIT

Ming Dao

Principal Research Scientist and Director at Nanomechanics Lab at MIT.

Vivienne Sze

Associate Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Maria Zuber

American astronomer and Vice President for Research at MIT.

Klavs F. Jensen

Warren K. Lewis Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT.

Jeffrey C. Grossman

Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the MIT.

Angela Belcher

James Mason Crafts Professor of Biological Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at MIT.

Richard Young

Professor at Whitehead Institute and MIT

Rodney Brooks

Panasonic Professor of Robotics (emeritus) at MIT.

Leonard Guarente

Novartis Professor at MIT.

Timothy Lu

Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and an Associate Member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Javier Hernandez

Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research AI, Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab.

Roman Stolyarov

Senior Staff Robotics Scientist, Product Innovation at Activ Surgical.

Hugh Herr

Associate Professor at MIT Media Lab.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) News

AI-driven breakthrough in senolytic drug discovery (LEAF) - 04-May-2023

Machine learning successfully identifies promising senolytic compounds to target ageing and age-related diseases


Sensor can be tracked through the digestive system to identify blockages

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - 13-Feb-2023

Currently only tracking location, but in future could be developed to take samples or deliver therapeutics


Injection-replacement remedy, using a robotic pill to deliver insulin in diabetics

Independent - 30-Sep-2022

RoboCap’s mucus-clearing and churning movements help it deliver the drug directly to the gut


Screen cell-nanoparticle interactions adopted in targeting cancer cells

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - 21-Jul-2022

Clarity on cell particle interaction and particle uptake, for specific cancer types


OMEGA, a new powerful gene-editing system similar to CRISPR or so much better

New Atlas - 16-Sep-2021

Potential RNA-guiding enzymes that are capable of editing and modifying DNA in human cells


New urine test detects cancer cells and their location using nanoparticles

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - 15-Jul-2021

Screening cancers non-invasively; shows safety in phase 1 trials


Artificial muscles in regeneration of damaged skeletal muscle

Science Daily - 21-Feb-2021

Hybrid constructs help regrow muscle tissue forming new blood vessels in mice


Tumor regression achieved with single 3-pronged immunotherapy injection (LEAF) - 29-Sep-2020

IL-12 self-replicating RNA delivered in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) shows good results in mice


This enzyme helps reverse age-related neurodegeneration in mice

EurekAlert! - 18-May-2020

Sheds light to potential treatments for age-related cognitive decline, Alzheimer's


Piloting a drone using hand movements and gestures

Tech Xplore - 28-Apr-2020

Remote exploration and assistive personal robots will be a possibility


Longevity Vision Fund joins Series B funding for Sigilon Therapeutics

Longevity Vision Fund - 20-Apr-2020

To support human clinical trial of novel encapsulated cell therapy for hemophilia A


Antibiotic created using AI killed drug-resistant bacterias

Guardian - 20-Feb-2020

Thanks to the algorithm scientists tested 107m compounds in just 3 days


3D printed hybrid living materials that can control living organisms - 23-Jan-2020

Pigments can be replaced with useful chemical substances in the future


Prime editing as a way of "editing" genes

BBC - 21-Oct-2019

There are around 75,000 mutations caused by DNA errors and prime editing can correct 89% of them


Threadlike robot worm can prevent strokes and aneurysms

Gizmodo - 28-Aug-2019

In the future, it can be used as a delivery mechanism for clot reducing drugs


Academy for Health and Lifespan Research Q&A with Harvard's David Sinclair

Harvard Gazette - 08-Mar-2019

Rejuvenation human trials (cell reprogramming) possible in next 2 years


Smart inflatable pill that monitors the stomach

BBC - 30-Jan-2019

In the stomachs of pigs these smart pills lasted for one month


Robot seeks out skin cancer with suction (video)

BBC - 15-Oct-2018

A robot developed by the MIT is helping wth the diagnosis of skin conditions and abnormalities


Scientist slow aging in mice — are humans next?

New York Post - 23-Mar-2018

Molecule reactivates faltering blood flow in elderly mice. This deprives tissues and organs of t...


Tiny Pumps Can Inject Drugs Directly Into the Brain

INVERSE - 24-Jan-2018

MIT has developed a tiny pump to be implanted into a patient’s brain. Delivers precisely measure...


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