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A quick 11-minute workout can help you live longer


Key points from article :

A new study shows a little exercise really does go a long way.

A short YouTube workout or a brisk lunchtime walk - seems that just 11 minutes of moderate exercise will do the trick.

Scientists used activity monitors to track exercise, comparing it to time spent inactive.

Participants who exercised for 35 minutes a day saw the biggest statistical difference on lifespan.

Those who moved for just 11 minutes still showed a noticeable change.

Regardless of the amount of daily sitting, both time frames had a positive impact.

Aldi launched a new range of ‘New Year New Gear’ gym equipment, from as little as £5 – with dumbbells for £8.99 and even a rowing machine for £199.99.

PureGym has made its fitness app free to everyone in the UK, offering a variety of home workouts.

Research by the Norwegian School of Sports Medicine published in journal British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Moderate exercise for 11-35 minutes counteracts long hours of sitting & improves the lifespan

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