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3 drinking habits you can make today for a healthier tomorrow


Key points from article :

Simple behavioural changes when you do drink booze could help you stay healthier in the long-run.

A study used data from over 309,000 people.

Found 3 key behaviours when drinking booze were associated with a reduced risk of early death, cardiovascular events(CVD) and liver cirrhosis.

1. Drinking wine appears to be better for you than drinking spirits or beer

2. Drinking with food is better than boozing on an empty stomach

3. Spreading your drinking over three to four days is better than drinking daily

“..Wanted to understand the relationship between different alcohol consumption patterns and health risks" - Dr Bhautesh Jani, author.

Study by University of Glasgow published in BMC Medicine.

These habits are associated with reduced risk of early death, CVD and liver disease

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Clinical senior lecturer in General Practice at the University of Glasgow


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