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University of Glasgow

Public research university for UK and international students

The University of Glasgow is a public research university in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded by papal bull in 1451, it is the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland's four ancient universities. Along with the universities of Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and St Andrews, the university was part of the Scottish Enlightenment during the 18th century.

In common with universities of the pre-modern era, Glasgow originally educated students primarily from wealthy backgrounds; however, it became a pioneer in British higher education in the 19th century by also providing for the needs of students from the growing urban and commercial middle class. Glasgow University served all of these students by preparing them for professions: law, medicine, civil service, teaching, and the church.

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People at University of Glasgow

Patricia Roxburgh

Clinical Senior Lecturer at the CRUK Beatson Institute/ University of Glasgow

Paul Shiels

Professor of Epigenetics at University of Glasgow

Leroy (Lee) Cronin

CEO Founder of Chemify and Regius Professor of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow

Naveed Sattar

Medical researcher and professor of metabolic medicine at the University of Glasgow

Carlos Celis-Morales

Research Fellow at BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre, Glasgow University

Bhautesh Jani

Clinical senior lecturer in General Practice at the University of Glasgow

Hamish Foster

Clinical Research Fellow, University of Glassglow

Richard Mitchell

Professor of MRC/CSO Social & Public Health Sciences Unit at Glasgow University.

Vittal Katikireddi

Public Health Doctor and Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the MRC/CSO SPHSU, Glasgow.

Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez

Chair of Biomedical Engineering at The University of Glasgow.

Matthew Dalby

Director of the lifETIME CDT and Professor of Cell Engineering at the University of Glasgow.

Willie Stewart

Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at the Glasgow University

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