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The epigenetic company measuring biological age based on DNA methylation

TruDiagnostic is a Health Data company, focusing on epigenetic diagnostics for researchers, physicians, and consumers who want the most accurate and insightful longevity analysis.

TruDiagnostic began with TruAge – a test that measures biological age by looking at methylation. They also offer testing services for different aging related metrics, including telomere length measurements, intrinsic and extrinsic age calculations, immune cell subset deconvolution, and current pace of aging.

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TruDiagnostic Blog Posts

TruDiagnostic TruAge Biological Age Test Review

TruDiagnostic TruAge Biological Age Test Review

Adrian tries out this home epigenetic test and is impressed with the level of detail in the reports

TruDiagnostic Creations

Deconstructing The Epigenetic Methylation Clocks


Event about epigenetic clocks organized by TruDiagnostics with Morgan Levine discussing her new paper

Epigenetic Methylation & Age: A Recap of Developments in 21

TruDiagnostic webinar (YouTube) including updates on laboratory and clinical trials

People at TruDiagnostic

Varun Dwaraka

Head of Bioinformatics at TruDiagnostic, Aging and Longevity Investigator, Foresight Institute Fellow

Hannah Went

Director of Operations at TruDiagnostic

TruDiagnostic News

DunedinPACE, a highly precise new generation epigenetic ageing clock (LEAF) - 27-Aug-2021

Tracks rate of ageing and predicts onset of disease or death with a single blood test