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Deconstructing The Epigenetic Methylation Clocks

Event about epigenetic clocks organized by TruDiagnostics with Morgan Levine discussing her new paper


This webinar will discuss a new paper from Morgan Levine's lab at Yale. In her paper, Levine and her colleagues look to solve the question of why our clock's "Tick".

Although epigenetic clocks have come to be regarded as powerful tools for estimating aging, their biggest drawback is our lack of mechanistic understanding. Levine's lab hypothesized that uncovering the underlying biology is difficult due to the fact that epigenetic clocks are multifactorial composites. That is, they are composed of disparate parts, each with their own causal mechanism and functional consequences. Thus, only by deconstructing epigenetic clock signals will it be possible to glean biological insight.

As a result, they looked at similarities within each clock and looked at what happened if they reset the epigenetic clocks with reprogramming factors to pluripotency. We will discuss these findings and what they might mean!

Recording of the event is now available on YouTube:

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