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Treating aging as a disease with David Sinclair

Sergey Young and Sourav Sinha host an AMA with the Harvard professor


They will discuss:

  • The recent successful vision restoration in mice by turning back the clock on aged eye cells 
  • A concept that aging is “loss of information”—the ‘scratched CD’ analogy
  • The most promising longevity therapies that David has been working on

Summary of David Sinclair's Q&A

Q: Most exciting work in his lab?
Start monkey experiments later this year.
Hope to start first in human in 2 years time - in eyes.
Treat multiple organs in 10 years

Q: what other approaches coming up?
Preventative medicine and biotracking will help

Q: how was ageing reversed in mice?
OSK - works within 4 weeks
After 8 weeks, mice with glaucoma can now see.
We don't understand how cell knows what youthful structure of DNA (i.e. epigenome) was.

Q: next organs likely to be targeted?
Brain and eye are already being worked on.
Other teams working on internal organs and muscles.
Possibly hearing - isolated system with high unmet need.

Q: does each organ need a separate treatment?
Should be a universal treatment with tissue specific tweaks.

Q: worried that research could get into wrong hands?
No - but should be global monitoring for infectious agents as could put pro-ageing technology into a virus... but would be slow way to kill people!

Q: what would change if regulators categorised ageing as a disease
Order of magnitude increase in investment.
Could go after ageing, not specific age-related diseases.

Q: what can you do today?
In my book! He takes resveratrol 1g, NMN, eats only 1 meal a day, maintaining muscle mass.
Never being hungry is a 20th century phenomena.


Was criticised to use term "aging reversal" only 3-4 years ago - now its generally accepted as a concept.

Writing a new book about human survival. This is an area that the club also keeps an eye on:

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Harvard professor on ageing and co-founder of several biotechnology companies

Company Representative

Author and Longevity investor and visionary.

Company Representative

Venture Partner and Head of Innovation at Longevity Vision Fund