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Stanford University

Private research university, one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions

Stanford is a place of discovery, creativity and innovation located in the San Francisco Bay Area on the ancestral land of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe. Dedicated to our founding mission—benefitting society through research and education—we are working toward a sustainable future, accelerating the impact of research with external partners, catalyzing discoveries about ourselves and our world, and educating students as global citizens. Our main campus, which welcomed its first class in 1891, is now home to 650+ student organizations, 36 varsity athletic teams, 20 libraries, 20 living Nobel laureates, 18 interdisciplinary research institutes, seven schools, and a vibrant arts scene. More than 9,000 graduate students and 7,000 undergraduates pursue studies at Stanford each year. Our financial aid program, one of the most generous in the nation, makes it possible for any admitted undergraduate to attend without taking on student debt.

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Stanford University Blog Posts

Stanford University optimistic about human rejuvenation

Stanford University optimistic about human rejuvenation

Summary of “Turning back time with emerging rejuvenation Strategies” published in Nature Cell Biology

People at Stanford University

Khizer Khaderi

Founding Director at the Stanford Human Perception Lab, Technologist, Scientist, Surgeon

Jorge Sanz Ros

Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University

Katrin Andreasson

Professor of Neurology at Stanford University Medical Center

Annelise Barron

Associate Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University

Anne Brunet

Professor of Genetics at Stanford University

Peter Marinkovich

Associate professor of dermatology at Stanford university specialising in inflammatory skin diseases

Vinit Mahajan

Stanford University Professor of Ophthalmology, Vice Chair for Research, Principal Investigator at

Michael Snyder

Professor of Genetics and Chair at Stanford University

Mahdi Moqri

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow in Aging Research at the Stanford University

Krishna Shenoy

Professor of Engineering at Stanford University

Thomas A. Rando

Professor of Neurology at Stanford University

Nathan Collins

Science Communications Officer at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Britt Wray

Postdoctoral Fellow in Human and Planetary Health at Stanford University and Author

Jeffrey Pfeffer

Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University, author and speaker

Manuel Faria

Health Innovation at Stanford Medicine, Stanford University

Trevor Hastie

American statistician and computer scientist, Professor at Stanford University

Emmanuel Mignot

Professor of Sleep Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University

Sharon J. Sha

Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University

Zhenan Bao

Professor in Chemical Engineering at Stanford University

Judith Frydman

Donald Kennedy Chair in the School of Humanities and Sciences and Professor of Genetics at Stanford University

Stanford University News

Different organs, like your heart and lungs, can age at different speeds

Live Forever Club - 28-Jan-2024

This means you might need to focus on specific areas of your health to stay spry


Vegan diet may slow ageing clocks on a cellular level in 8 weeks

Live Forever Club - 10-Jan-2024

Those who ate a vegan diet had lower levels of epigenetic age acceleration


A revolutionary blood test that can estimate your organs' biological age

BBC - 07-Dec-2023

Test could help in the early detection of disease and prevention strategies


Mapping eye proteins reveals secrets of ageing and Parkinson's

SciTechDaily - 22-Oct-2023

Researchers map thousands of eye proteins, shedding light on ageing mechanisms


GPT-3 and similar AI models can generate speech, using brain implants at a record-breaking speed

Singularity Hub - 31-Jan-2023

The ultimate goal is to restore rapid communications to people who can no longer speak


Nocturnal sleep patterns predict long-term health and risk of death

Live Forever Club - 08-Sep-2022

High sleep fragmentation was identified as an independent biomarker of future health


Our sleep age could predict our mortality

Independent - 03-Sep-2022

Higher sleep age reflected in increased sleep fragmentation, it may be a marker of future health


Mitochondrial transplants show efficacy in achieving longevity in humans (LEAF) - 19-Jul-2022

Mitochondrial transplant raise energetics of the body, so it can withstand longevity treatments


Gene therapy gel heals wounds in people with rare genetic skin condition

New Scientist - 28-Mar-2022

Positive results in clinical trials provide hope for conditions that currently have no specific treatments


Medgadget interviews Blackrock Neurotech's Chairman about thought-to-text BCI

Medgadget - 28-Dec-2021

The latest application of its NeuroPort Array that can also restore movement, touch and hearing


Skeletal stem cells delay bone healing and foster inflammageing in older people

Medical Xpress - 12-Aug-2021

Treating with BMP2 and Csf1 antagonist in mice restored youthfulness to the aged skeletal system


Immune system clock tracks health, age-related disorders, and longevity

Buck Institute - 12-Jul-2021

Measuring immune health with a chemokine, CXCL9, for early disease interventions


Mind-writing computer device allows the paralyzed to type faster

The Scientist - 13-May-2021

Brain-Computer Interface decodes handwritten thoughts to text, needs a few tweaks before clinical use


Reprogramming turns aged human cells young again

New York Times - 24-Mar-2021

Stanford University research published in New York Times - age-reversal is no longer fringe science!


A neural protein in blood can predict your lifespan (LEAF) - 25-Feb-2021

NFL protein increases with neurological diseases: a potential biomarker for ageing and longevity


Wearables might not show the exact calories you burn

Gizmodo - 12-Jan-2021

Need to be personalised for every individual to obtain correct measurements


Real time ELISA brought an entire lab onto a tiny chip

Stanford University - 21-Dec-2020

Provides quick and accurate blood profile of any protein & improves patient care


Exposure to old cells can make young cells old (LEAF) - 12-Nov-2020

Path to a new therapy- replacing blood with youthful factors might reverse ageing


The blood-brain barrier selectivity is impaired with age (LEAF) - 09-Jul-2020

Experiments in mice confirmed this, unraveling ageing mystery if it translates to humans


Some of our organs can outlive us while others die early

BBC - 26-Jun-2020

Ageing related processes affect different organs at a different pace


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