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Creates SkinVision app to diagnose possible melanoma skin cancer symptoms.

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Details last updated 09-Oct-2019

SkinVision Blog Posts

SkinVision App Review – Instant Spot/Mole Assessment

SkinVision App Review – Instant Spot/Mole Assessment

Provides an early warning or peace of mind – good value for money either way

SkinVision Creations

SkinVision App

Skin cancer melanoma detection app

People at SkinVision

Gavin Matthews

Digital Health Leader and Strategic Advisor, NHS Innovation Fellow, Founder at Quiddity Health & UK Director for SkinVision

SkinVision News

Just 10 minutes a month and make a skin self-examination

Melanoma UK - 01-Jun-2021

SkinVision helps to detect skin cancer at an early stage when its most treatable.


SkinVision app uses machine-learning to identify risk of skin cancer early

Digital Health - 08-Oct-2019

Trained on over 3 million photos - no human specialist has ever reviewed that many


App offers a screening method for skin cancer

Digital Health Age - 24-Sep-2018

This app’s algorithm is meant to provide early warning for skin cancer with a 30 seconds scan

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