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Just 10 minutes a month and make a skin self-examination

SkinVision helps to detect skin cancer at an early stage when its most treatable.


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In fight against skin cancer, early detection is critical.

SkinVision helps people to perform regular skin checks.

Flags up potential cancers to the attention of healthcare professionals.

It's AI technology provides an instant risk assessment and recommendations for next step..

Melanoma UK and SkinVision have partnered to fight melanoma skin cancer together.

Their mission is to make people aware and also support them for self-examinations.

They are proud to help people better manage their skin health and monitor it over time.

SkinVision is discounting their annual Skinhealth programme by 50% to any UK resident.

Who downloads the SkinVision App until the end of August 2021.

Gavin Matthews NHS Innovation Fellow, Skin vision said that

"Melanoma UK’s mission is something we’re proud to be part of..."

Service by Melanoma UK and SkinVision.

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Diane Cannon

Director, Thunderbird Business Rescue Liverpool, United Kingdom

Gavin Matthews

Digital Health Leader and Strategic Advisor, NHS Innovation Fellow, Founder at Quiddity Health & UK Director for SkinVision


Creates SkinVision app to diagnose possible melanoma skin cancer symptoms.

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