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OneSkin Technologies

Motivated by a passion to translate science into technology that will positively impact humanity, our founding team noticed that by preventing or reversing aging we can be more efficient in promoting health instead of trying to target specific diseases, that most of the times, are associated with the aging process.

OneSkin has developed a unique platform, based on human models, to screen and validate novel age reversal compounds. Our main target is senescent cells (or zombie cells), which accumulate in different tissues over the aging process and have been associated with numerous age-related diseases such as osteoarthritis, alzheimer and cancer, to name a few.

We have identified a new molecule, named OS-1, and validated its safety through several in vitro studies and human trials, and we are now building the first skin care line focusing on longevity and senescence.

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OneSkin Technologies Creations


Free tool calculates the DNA methylation age using the Skin Specific Molecular Clock

People at OneSkin Technologies

Company Representative

Co-founder and CEO of OneSkin Technologies.


Co-Founder and Head of Bioinformatics at OneSkin

OneSkin Technologies News

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