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Harnessing the Biology of Ageing for Advanced Skincare and Aesthetics

Online webinar about biology of ageing, and how is it being applied in the beauty sector organized by LSX Leaders.


Scientists around the world are learning what ageing looks like at a biological level, and some are even developing therapies to intervene with the ageing process.

Innovative thinkers in beauty and aesthetics are harnessing this knowledge to offer rejuvenation skincare that genuinely targets and modifies ageing biology. It’s a game-changer for skincare.

Find out what they are doing, and how it is set to completely disrupt the beauty industry.

Speakers in this webinar are Carolina Reis Oliveira, Bernhard Paetzold, Stephanie Manson-Brown, Sibylle Jäger and Maylis Joppe.

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Details last updated 25-Feb-2021

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Mentioned in this Resource


Pharmaceutical company that acquires, develops, and markets brand name drugs.

Bernhard Paetzold

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at S-Biomedic.

Carolina Reis Oliveira

Co-founder and CEO of OneSkin Technologies.


French personal care company

Maylis Joppe

Vice President Marketing, Innovation Excellence at Coty.

OneSkin Technologies

Company that designs anti-aging molecules that fights with skin aging


Company that brings novel therapeutic solutions to the skin microbiome.

Sibylle Jaeger

Innovation Manager at L'Oréal.

Stephanie Manson-Brown

Head of Clinical Development, Vice President at R&D Allergan Aesthetics at AbbVie.

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