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OneSkin cosmetic cream reduces senescent cells in skin


Key points from article :

OneSkin began life validating effectiveness of skincare products.

Developed its own skin aging clock based on skin-specific epigenetic DNA markers.

Screened a synthetic library for antimicrobial peptides.

From an initial list of 200 AMPs, the team looked at the four compounds .

Generated 800 novel sequences led to the lead compounds, OS-1 and OS-2.

These two peptides had the most potential for tackling senescence (by 25-50%) caused by aging UV light and genotoxic stress.

Inability to reduce the growth of some bacteria strains indicate that the compounds are not anti-microbial.

OneSkin is topically applied and classed as a cosmetic.

Safety studies performed to assess skin irritation, corrosion and sensitisation.

OneSkin’s patented compound OS-1 tackles senescent skin cells.

Product launches in October.

OS-1 has also extended the median lifespan of C. Elegans by over 20%.

Carolina Reis Oliveria, CEO, confirmed company has pre-seed funding from Indiebio & SOSV and seed round funding from 2Future.

Profit from OS-1 could fund development of more products and clinical trials

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Company Representative

Co-founder and CEO of OneSkin Technologies.