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Michael Zemel

Chief Scientific Officer and Founder at NuSirt Sciences.

Dr. Zemel is a recognized expert in endocrine and nutritional modulation of energy metabolism and disease risk. He is author of over 200 peer-reviewed publications, primarily describing his research into the regulation of fat cell metabolism and applications of this research in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, obesity and metabolic disease.

Dr. Zemel served on the faculty of Nutrition and Endocrinology at Wayne State University and as Research Endocrinologist at the VA Medical Center affiliated with Wayne State from 1980 – 1990, and as Professor of Nutrition and Medicine and Director of the Nutrition Institute at The University of Tennessee form 1990-2012. He holds a number of patents, and his academic research was supported by the Centers for Disease Control, USDA, NIH, the American Heart Association, and other public and private sector sponsors. He founded NuSirt in 2007, and left the university to join the company full-time in 2012. His current work at NuSirt focuses on development of new therapeutics for diabetes, obesity and metabolic disease.

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See also: Company NuSirt Biopharma - Pharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel drugs for the treatment of diabetes.

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