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Mitochondria, Aging, and Health

Speakers are Douglas Wallace, Francesca Fieni, Hazel Szeto and Michael Zemel


Mitochondria are commonly referred to as the powerhouses of cells because they create the energy necessary for cell function; however, these organelles do much more than that within our bodies. At Targeting Metabesity 2020 ( this past October, an expert panel led by mitochondrial genetics pioneer Dr. Doug Wallace discussed the key role of mitochondria in aging and health. While other "hallmarks of aging," such as senescence and epigenetics, represent important targets for extending healthy longevity, mitochondrial dysregulation and sequelae, such as inflammaging, are at the heart of the complex of chronic diseases of aging called “metabesity.” Join our panel for an updated dive into one of the major drivers of aging and health.

Speakers on this event are Douglas Wallace, Francesca Fieni, Hazel Szeto and Michael Zemel.

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Douglas Wallace

Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Francesca Fieni

Founder and CSO at Pano Therapeutics.

Hazel Szeto

Co-Founder and Director at Improving Global Health, Inc. and Scientific Founder at Stealth BioTherapeutics.

Michael Zemel

Chief Scientific Officer and Founder at NuSirt Sciences.

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Mitochondria, Ageing Research