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Marc Ramis-Castelltort

Co-Founder and CEO at Senolytic Therapeutics and Rejuveron.

Marc is passionate about creating novel biomedical ventures. He is a co-founder at Rejuversen AG, Ninevah Therapeutics SL and Senolytic Therapeutics Inc. Currently, Marc is a Board member or strategic advisor at Ninevah Therapeutics, Retinset Therapeutics, Cyclomed, Gate2Brain, Cebiotex and Origen Ventures. He is a co-founder and Partner at Chasing Science, an early-stage biomedical venture builder.

Marc gained a DPhil in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford, a PDL executive degree at Harvard Business School, a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and a B.Sc. in Chemistry from IQS (Barcelona).

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See also: Company Rejuveron - Company that develops and invests in drugs and technologies which prolong human lifespan.

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