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Longevity Technology

Daily news and insights on research, investments and technologies on life extension

We bring together innovators and investors to commercialise the companies that will form the longevity economy.

There are already 100+ rejuvenation biotechs working on unique therapies and building R&D pipelines to increase healthspan and lifespan.

At the same time, all around the world, innovators are releasing nanobots, reprogramming nerve signals and applying AI to create exciting and scalable contributions to human Longevity.

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People at Longevity Technology

Phil Newman

CEO & Founder Longevity.Technology

Laura Allison

Staff Writer and Marketing Executive at Longevity Technology

Beth Hyndman

Scientific writer at Longevity Technology

Daragh Campbell

Scientific Editor at Longevity Technology

Christos Evangelou

Medical Writer and Editor Nov20

Eleanor Garth

Staff Writer and Community Manager, Longevity Technology

Salvinija Roznyte

Salvinija Roznyte is journalist at Longevity.Technology

Longevity Technology News

Big investors join First Longevity funding round

Longevity Technology - 16-Oct-2020

Key investors raise funding to support longevity sector