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Longevity Megatrend by Phil Newman

Phil talks about shaping the longevity industry at this Oxford Society of Ageing and Longevity event (FREE)


Why advances in science, macro-economic trends, and the basic desire of every human to want to live a long and healthy life, is creating the world’s biggest industry.

The talk will cover various megatrends shaping the longevity industry and will include a Q&A session followed by refreshments and lights bits at the end.

In his talk, Phil Newman, the Founder and CEO of Longevity.Technology, will explain what the longevity market is, highlight key scientific advances, explore the latest financial data, and look to the future of an exciting industry that is attracting both talent and investment capital.

Live recording of the event is now available on Yutube:

Visit website:

See also: Institute Oxford Society of Ageing and Longevity (OSAL) - Oxford University student group considers a world in which people regularly live past 100

Details last updated 11-Jan-2023

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