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Red Light Holland to test magic truffles with Jinfiniti's blood test

AgingSOS test unveils the potential of psilocybin treatments for ageing and psychiatric disorders


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Red Light Holland's Scarlette Lillie has secured a relationship with Jinfiniti Precision Medicine to explore the potential roles of psilocybin and truffles in age-related and psychiatric disorders.

Jinfiniti's world class "AgingSOS" test can detect key factors from blood that drive aging and other genetic instabilities.

Speed and affordability of this test can allow scientists to evaluate the potential for psilocybin treatments.

"We are excited to add this special dimension to their clinical study explorations as they emerge," - Jin-Xiong She, CEO of Jinfiniti.

" help us understand if there are unknown mechanisms at play for neurological and psychiatric disorders," - Joseph Geraci, a scientific advisor to Red Light Holland.

Will allow Scarlette Lillie to add a novel component to clinical studies for psilocybin and truffles.

Potential to not only influence the outcome of clinical studies but can also lead to novel treatments for several disorders.

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Jinfiniti Precision Medicine

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Provides at-home intracellular NAD test and other aging blood panels

Jin-Xiong She

Founder and CEO, Jinfiniti Precision Medicine and Director of the MCG Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine,

Joseph Geraci

CEO and co-Founder of NetraMark Corp, Data Scientist, Mathematician, Medical Scientist, Quantum ML Entrepreneur.

Red Light Holland

Supplier of premium magic truffles to the legal, recreational adult use market in the Netherlands

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