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A proactive step for next generation drug discovery by Cambrian Biopharma


Key points from article :

Cambrian Biopharma announced the close of an oversubscribed Series C financing, which raised $100 million.

The financing was co-led by Anthos Capital and SALT Fund.

To combat the biological drivers of aging, treat and prevent age-related diseases and lengthen healthspan.

James Peyer, CEO and Co-Founder of Cambrian says "....partner with more scientific innovators to bring more programs under the Cambrian banner.”

Age-related diseases account for more than two-thirds of all deaths worldwide.

Cambrian’s pipeline targets a different type of damage that builds up with age.

Tested for clinical safety and efficacy in an acute indication.

Unique drug discovery model combines the advantages of a venture capital firm and a big pharmaceutical company.

Christian Angermayer, Cambrian’s Co-Founder and Chairman says "...challenging us to think about today’s most deadly diseases in a new way.”

It has 14 novel therapeutics in development across its majority-held pipeline companies.

Novel business approach helps people to live longer with good health

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A distributed drug discovery company

Company Representative

Founder of Apeiron Investment Group and Presight Capital


Stem cell biologist out to build biotech companies focused on age-related diseases.