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Carnegie Mellon University

Private research university known for its exceptional computer science and engineering programs

A private, global research university, Carnegie Mellon stands among the world's most renowned educational institutions, and sets its own course. Start the journey here.

Over the past 10 years, more than 400 startups linked to CMU have raised more than $7 billion in follow-on funding. Those investment numbers are especially high because of the sheer size of Pittsburgh’s growing autonomous vehicles cluster – including Uber, Aurora, and Argo AI – all of which are here because of their strong ties to CMU.

With cutting-edge brain science, path-breaking performances, innovative startups, driverless cars, big data, big ambitions, Nobel and Turing prizes, hands-on learning, and a whole lot of robots, CMU doesn't imagine the future, we create it. 

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People at Carnegie Mellon University

Eric Yttri

Assistant Professor of biological sciences at Carnegie Mellon University

Rahul Panat

Associate professor of mechanical engineering at at Carnegie Mellon University

Carmel Majidi

Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Keith E. Cook

Professor and Director of the Bioengineered Organs Initiative Biomedical Engineering at the Carnegie Mellon University.

Hans Moravec

Adjunct faculty member at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University.

Howie Choset

Professor of Robotics at Carnegie Mellon.

Randy Sargent

Senior Systems Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University.

Byron Spice

Director of media relations at Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science.

Alan Russell

Highmark Distinguished Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Christopher Bettinger

Professor of Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Jana Kainerstorfer

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Maysam Chamanzar

Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Pulkit Grover

Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Stefanie A. Sydlik

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Adam Feinberg

Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.

Carnegie Mellon University News

CMU array to treat neurological disorders potentially

Nano Magazine - 06-Oct-2022

Microelectrode array (MEA) is 3D-printed at the nanoscale, for individual neurological treatment


Stretchable bioelectronics with silver hydrogel composite

Medgadget - 15-Mar-2021

Electrically conductive, flexible hydrogels to open the door for wearable electronics and soft robots


Early detection of osteoarthritis using machine learning

National Institutes of Health (NIH) - 07-Oct-2020

Cartilage maps along with machine learning algorithms predict arthritic cases


FRESH technology can bioprint a 3D extracellular matrix of collagen

Medical Xpress - 01-Aug-2019

A future without the need for organ harvesting and trafficking


Non-invasive wearable device to record brain function and stimulate brain

Carnegie Mellon - 24-May-2019

May lead to better treatment options for neurodegenerative diseases


Graphene scaffolds have the potential to repair bones faster

Singularity Hub - 04-Mar-2019

Already shown success in mice- could become a vital part of orthopaedic medicine


3 people play tetris together using brainwaves alone

Newsweek - 03-Oct-2018

A system allows individuals to communicate between each other using rudimentary signals guided by their own brainwaves


Developing the right material for brain implants

The Verge - 30-May-2018

Silicon-based brain implants still need a lot of improvement but will work for now


New Brain Interface Reveals Details on Visual System

R&D Magazine - 04-Dec-2017

Super-Nyquist density EEG captures higher spatial resolution than ever before. Provides informat...


Exoskeleton Adapts While It’s Worn

Scientific American - 27-Jul-2017

New approach improves endurance by lowering the wearer’s energy exertion. Software-controlled an...


Artificial lungs in a backpack may free people with lung failure

New Scientist - 21-Mar-2017

Usual treatment is a large machine that pumps their blood through a gas exchanger to provide oxyg...


The Man Behind Medrobotics’ Flex Robotic System

R&D World - 29-Jan-2016

Prof. Howie Choset’s snake-arm robot used on first human in 2010. Combines the benefits of both ...


Consumer 3D printer used to create human tissue (VIDEO)

BBC - 28-Oct-2015

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University develop new method to print soft materials – such as ...


Acoustic device rapidly isolates circulating tumor cells from blood samples

MIT - 06-Apr-2015

Help predict whether patients’ tumors will metastasize (Video) The study was published in the Pr...