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Eric Yttri

Assistant Professor of biological sciences at Carnegie Mellon University

Experienced Postdoctoral Associate with a demonstrated history of working in the philanthropy industry. Skilled in Research, Matlab, Life Sciences, Data Analysis, and Optogenetics. Strong research professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Neuroscience from William & Mary. 

Our research in the Yttri Lab uses these electrophysiological, behavioral, and computational tools to build upon the distributed action execution model established previously (Yttri and Dudman, Nature 2016), delineating a specific role for each individual cell type in the motor system. Future work will leverage these findings into new therapeutic strategies for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, improving deep brain stimulators in collaboration with neurosurgeons.

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Details last updated 13-Oct-2022

Eric Yttri News

CMU array to treat neurological disorders potentially

Nano Magazine - 06-Oct-2022

Microelectrode array (MEA) is 3D-printed at the nanoscale, for individual neurological treatment