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Biophysical Therapeutics

A drug discovery platform company that leverages computational biology

Biophysical Therapeutics develops a computational biology platform targeting cancer and age-related diseases. Its biophysical model is a computational simulation of a biological system using mathematical formalizations of its physical and chemical properties.


longevity, aging, cancer, oncology, computational biology, drug, biotechnology, metabolism, mitochondria, small molecule, biologic, and biophysical modelling

Biophysical Therapeutics Team

• Michael Forrest, Founder and CEO

• George Church, Advisor

• Bruno Conti, Advisor

• Varinder Aggarwal, Advisor

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Mentioned in this Resource

Bruno Conti

Professor Emeritus at Scripps Research Institute

George Church

Harvard Professor and Founder

Michael Forrest

Drug inventor and Founder at Biophysical Therapeutics

Varinder Aggarwal

Professor of Chemistry at University of Bristol

Biophysical Therapeutics News

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