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Michael Forrest

Drug inventor and Founder at Biophysical Therapeutics

Michael Forrest has dual expertise in the biological and computational sciences, which I now apply to rational drug design. Particularly, but not restrictively, to cancer. 


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Drug Inventor | FounderDrug Inventor | Founder

Biophysical Therapeutics · Full-timeBiophysical Therapeutics 

Computational biology to design new drugs. 

Principally targeting cancer, age-related diseases (e.g., Alzheimer's disease), and aging itself.Computational biology to design new drugs. Principally targeting cancer, age-related diseases (e.g., Alzheimer's disease), and aging itself.

Skills: Drug Design · Drug DevelopmentSkills: Drug Design · Drug Development

Paratrooper, Parachute Regiment Reserve (4 PARA)Paratrooper, Parachute Regiment Reserve (4 PARA)

British Army Reserve

Active service in Afghanistan

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Michael Forrest News

Biophysical Therapeutics starts crowdfunding for its drug that slows ageing by reducing metabolic heat generation

Longevity Technology - 21-Mar-2023

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Biophysical Therapeutics, company that leverages computational biology, validates new drugs

Longevity Technology - 06-Mar-2023

Lower the metabolic rate and body heat, longer the lifespan, but has double-edged sword nature to it