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Biophysical Therapeutics, company that leverages computational biology, validates new drugs


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Biophysical Therapeutics, a computational biology platform company plays it cool with a pipeline of experimentally-validated new drugs.

The primary targets of the Delaware-based company are cancer, the diseases of aging and aging.

Different humans can vary in resting metabolic rate and resting body temperature, wherein those with lower values live significantly longer. 

Michael Forrest, the founder, explains: “Conti et al‘s research fits a thesis in which metabolic rate, enables life, but also causes damaging byproducts and accumulating damage, which is aging, that ultimately takes life away.”

A relatively small drug dose might increase a clothed person’s preferred ambient temperature to 23°C, a higher dose to 27°C, an even higher dose to 32°C, and so on.

“ mammals metabolically generate heat. And a drug to inhibit it, shown to work in mice,” Forrest says.

The company’s initial focus is cosmetic applications, and it is aiming to license cosmetic use of its patented drug.

Lower the metabolic rate and body heat, longer the lifespan, but has double-edged sword nature to it

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Biophysical Therapeutics

A drug discovery platform company that leverages computational biology

Michael Forrest

Drug inventor and Founder at Biophysical Therapeutics