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Biomarkers of Aging Consortium

Establishing Reliable Biomarkers of Aging for Longevity Interventions

We are a consortium of scholars and practitioners developing, validating, and implementing biomarkers of aging and longevity. Our academic members are affiliated with the leading research institutes and groups in the field of aging. Our practitioners are at the forefront of research and development in the longevity industry.

We facilitate communication, collaboration, and sharing of data, tools, and information to establish reliable biomarkers of aging, particularly for the identification and evaluation of longevity interventions.

Biomarkers of Aging Consortium Scientific Team

• Vadim Gladyshev, Harvard University

• Michael Snyder, Stanford University

• Vittorio Sebastiano, Stanford University

• Andrea Maier, National University of Singapore

• Eric Verdin, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Biomarkers of Aging Consortium Executive Team

• Mahdi Moqri, Stanford and Harvard Universities

• Jesse Poganik, Harvard University

• Allison Duettman, Foresight Institute

• Dane Gobel, Methuselah Foundation

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Details last updated 03-Mar-2023

Mentioned in this Resource

Allison Duettmann

President of Foresight Institute and Co-Producer of TEDx Echo Park

Andrea Maier

Oon Chiew Seng Professor in Medicine, Director, Centre for Healthy Longevity, NUS

Dane Gobel

Co-Founder and Program Director for the Methuselah Foundation

Eric Verdin

CEO & President at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Jesse Poganik

Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School

Mahdi Moqri

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow in Aging Research at the Stanford University

Michael Snyder

Professor of Genetics and Chair at Stanford University

Vadim Gladyshev

Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Vittorio Sebastiano

Assistant Professor of Obstetric and Gynaecology at the Stanford University School of Medicine

Biomarkers of Aging Consortium News

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