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Allison Duettmann

President of Foresight Institute and Co-Producer of TEDx Echo Park

Allison Duettmann is the president of Foresight Institute. She leads the Intelligent Cooperation, Molecular Machines, Biotech & Health Extension Groups and shares Foresight’s work with the public, e.g. at the Wall Street Journal, SXSW, O’Reilly AI, WEF, The Partnership on AI, Effective Altruism Global, and TEDx. She co-edited the book Superintelligence: Coordination & Strategy and is collaborating on another book on Intelligent Voluntary Cooperation. She holds an MS in Philosophy & Public Policy from the London School of Economics, focusing on AI Safety, and a BA in Philosophy, Politics, Economics from York University.

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See also: Institute Foresight Institute - Non-profit research institute focused on promoting of nanotechnology and other transformative technologies

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