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Longevity International

Nonprofit longevity organization connecting stakeholders in the longevity industry.

Longevity.International is the premier group for staying tuned into the latest developments in the emerging longevity industry and for connecting with other stakeholders in the longevity industry, such as scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, advocates and policy makers. It is associated with an online platform where users can analyze and visualize industry data, read the latest content from Longevity Industry Reports and connect with other stakeholders within the longevity industry.

Longevity International acts as the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity which Tina leads, and which launched The Health of the Nation Strategy supported by Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health and Care, in February 2020  to deliver 5 extra years of healthy life expectancy to all British citizens by 2035 while mimimising health inequalities. The APPG is setting up the Business Coalition for Healthier Longer Lives  (a key recommendation in the Strategy, and more urgent in the 'new normal’ post Covid-19).

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Details last updated 26-Mar-2020

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Other people at Longevity International

Tina Woods

CEO and Co-Founder, Longevity International. Author of Live Longer with AI

Ian Inkster

Founder and Project Coordinator at Longevity.International

Longevity International News

Summary of 800 Page State of Longevity Research Report

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