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Offers young blood plasma transfers after running a trial in 2016-18

We offer infusions of young blood from donors ages 16 to 25. This is an outpatient procedure. You must be at least 30 years old to receive this treatment.

Our blood is obtained from licensed blood banks within the United States. We do not work directly with donors.

The treatments we offer, infusions of blood products, are approved in the United States.

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Ambrosia Blog Posts

Ambrosia Plasma relaunches - announces improvement in key ageing biomarkers

Ambrosia Plasma relaunches - announces improvement in key ageing biomarkers

The Club interviews Jesse Karmazin, CEO, to find out more about the trial, the FDA warning, and the relaunch

Stanford University optimistic about human rejuvenation

Stanford University optimistic about human rejuvenation

Summary of “Turning back time with emerging rejuvenation Strategies” published in Nature Cell Biology

People at Ambrosia

Company Representative

CEO of the blood transfusion company Ambrosia.

Ambrosia News

Ambrosia young blood plasma treatments relaunched

OneZero - 08-Nov-2019

No further clinical trials planned, but some interesting results from initial trial


Ambrosia ceases young blood plasma treatment

CNN - 19-Feb-2019

Only 2 months after starting. Calling it a medical treatment may be contravened FDA guidance.


Young blood as a key to living longer

Wired - 09-May-2018

GDF11 is a protein in the blood, which can stimulate cell growth and repair


Pay-to-participate young-blood transfusion clinical trial

STAT - 02-Mar-2018

Bill Faloon inviting people to join a pay-to-participate clinical trial. Will test transfusions ...


Here are the ways Silicon Valley plans to conquer death

National Post - 03-Nov-2017

Billionaires are now pouring millions into longevity research. Upgrading the human immune system...


Young blood reduces ageing biomarkers in humans

New Scientist - 31-May-2017

Update on Ambrosia trial that gives blood plasma from under 25s to older people. Recipients have...


Can We Reverse Aging With young blood?

Dan’s Plan - 20-Jan-2017

Interview with Drs. Michael and Irina Conboy of the Department of Bioengineering at UC Berkeley. ...


Young blood antiaging trial raises questions

Science - 01-Aug-2016

Ambrosia ( young plasma trial is open to anyone 35 and older. Pa...