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Ambrosia young blood plasma treatments relaunched

No further clinical trials planned, but some interesting results from initial trial


Key points from article :

OneZero interviews CEO Jesse Karmazin.

Ambrosia ceased operations early in 2019 after an FDA warning letter.

Karmazin says the FDA did not contact him before or after issuing its statement.

Temporarily rebranded as Ivy Plasma to test customer interest in other products.

Company has recently resumed transfusions of plasma from young donors.

One-liter transfusions cost $8,000.

Company obtain blood from licensed blood banks in the United States.

No plans to do further studies on the safety and efficacy of the Ambrosia treatment.

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Offers young blood plasma transfers after running a trial in 2016-18

Jesse Karmazin

CEO of the blood transfusion company Ambrosia.

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